I am often asked, "why do you struggle to make low-budget movies?" It is an easy answer but it takes a few paragraphs.

First of all, the writing of 'original' screenplays is fun. I try to write every Monday through Friday morning from 3 A.M. until 10 A.M. while my home is quiet, the head is fresh and I can concentrate on those Dreams, Nightmares and Other Illusions. Ten to thirty re-writes for each script over the course of several years is my general rule-of-thumb. Aided with 'critique reads' by qualified readers, 'rehearsal, cold-read sessions' by actors and a final polishing as needed based upon comments, suggestions and reality. Thank you Syd Field. I structure three-act stories with a beginning, middle and end including plot points, character arcs, etc. I live very well with Final Draft software on my Apple Pro Mac and a cup of tea or coffee. Did I mention that writing is fun? Never had writer's block? These are the movies I want to see!

Side note: Down (first and only script entered into a competition) made it as far as the 2007 American Screenwriting Competition Quarterfinals last August. While pleased to get Down as far as it did, I was not heart broken that Down didn't go further. Submitting scripts to competitions has not been my interest. Seeing how Down would stack up against other scripts was.

The next question I generally get asked is "if you have all these great ideas on paper, why don't you approach the Production Studios like most people do 'in the Biz'? Go to Hollywood, pitch it live or mail out hundreds of copies of your treatment(s) and get on the phone. Isn't that less of a gamble?"

The way I work is not about gambling, doing it like everyone else or being impatient. I really enjoy every phase of putting a story onto the screen. I have a blast with the cinematography and editing -- which can be less time consuming, because I know exactly how the cinematographer and editor work and think. I enjoy the challenges of directing and occasionally acting (which is why I give actors a bit more freedom in front of the cameras - and I would never ask an actor to do something I wouldn't do myself). I'm hooked from the writing to the creative lighting to the polishing of soundtracks for the final cut. The casting can be made more believable, because I can tailor a character's words to the available and committed actor. I am able to save capital by manipulating the scenes as the locations become accessible. I try to get as much quality footage shot by using three cameras while keeping tape costs down by working in high-end DVcam.

Lots of people are making movies today just like we are -- following the footsteps of Roger Corman, Herschel G. Lewis and hundreds of 'B' movie makers of the 50's, 60's to the present day. So, want to be in a movie?

Don Patterson's dream is to turn twenty scripts (in various stages of completion) into finished movies over the next decade. To cast 'new' faces that want to be seen. To network with other film makers.

When that taunting dose of reality, "it isn't going to happen" comes crashing down, we shrug and keep plugging away. We're now at work on another feature titled Spiders And Snakes. With a excellent cast including actors Bill Blechschmid from haunt and Noelle Foor from haunt and In A Vacant Building. Given a little luck, a lot of creativity and perseverance - we will complete it then move onto The Machine That Cried or Killing Witches in 2008 .

We are not rich or famous, just lucky to have quality equipment, some film making knowledge and experience, a great deal of imagination and creativity, time and the love for making movies (and acting). If you would like to help us make a few original stories come to life - you should contact us. But, we are serious at what we do! While it is fun, it is work -- hard work. Believe me, it is even more challenging when working with low to no budget. So please do not waste our time if your interest is shallow or just a passing phase. Visit the New Projects Page to see what Cast and Locations we are in need of for Spiders And Snakes.

So, sounds like your cup of tea? Then read on to find out how we work to complete a production. After we have decided on casting, contraction and the various pre-production needs, we get our needed cast together Friday afternoon at the shooting location to review and prepare with a final rehearsal. Starting early on Saturdays and Sundays we shoot all day and continue into the night (we sleep when we get home). Most of the time we share food duties. The sleeping arrangements, etc. are based upon the cast's needs (hint -- always helps to have your own sleeping bag and be prepared to rough it on location). It is rare that we have more then ten people on a location set. During the week, the footage is edited and put on DVD-R for review at the next scheduled shoot. I try from start to finish -- to keep the movie within a two to three month parameter. Keep in mind that most of the cast is not in all the scenes or at all of the locations. When the project is done and completely edited, Main Cast will receive a copy of the extended version on DVD-R for personal use, with the written contracted promise of not allowing public showing(s) and/or the making of copy(s).

"What? You don't have catering? Hotel accommodations? Dressing rooms? The actors are responsible for transportation to and from their home to the shooting location? AND no money up front?"

We are low to no budget. If the movie is sold for acquisition and distribution, a large percentage of the profits go to cast (explained on the Actors Page) as contracted. We all share the gamble just like we all share the profit. Now, it's not quite your cup of tea? Think you are too good to be wasting your time in front of our cameras? You probably are. Good luck and have a great acting career. On the other hand, if the challenge sounds like fun and you will commit. If a few weekend(s) (or maybe longer) doesn't sound like a major sacrifice to your busy lifestyle. If acting is your thing and everyone tells you "you should be in the movies".

Check out New Projects Page. We still have the need to cast certain characters in Spiders And Snakes (locations are in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio). Coming in January, 2008 -- the cast and location listings for The Machine That Cried, Down and Killing Witches. Actors act. Film makers make movies. Everything else is just talk.

We believe in the power of networking artists. Help finance our projects.

To purchase a copy of haunt at our www.filmbaby.com site