making trailers

I would love to continue to make full-length feature films (like haunt) and half-hour horror shorts (like In A Vacant Building). However, commitment and finances are too demanding for all involved at this time, so I have decided to make trailers based upon the scripts listed below.

I am always looking for fresh faces to cast, while networking with other actors and film-makers from around Ohio and the Mid-West. I try to give as many people a shot in front of the camera as possible for the movie trailers that are based upon already completed - written film scripts - most are registered with the WGA and copyrighted at the LOC. These trailers usually do not take more then one weekend to make. The actors can use the trailer for their own personal reels, are placed on various genre sites, and will be used as pitches to studios for script sales. This is a major plus for cast because they may get seen by studios. With different faces (cast members) on each trailer -- the trailers of different stories/scripts are compiled onto one DVD-R for a visual pitch release to studios (aiming at Fall, 2008).

This could be a win-win situation. All I ask is that cast pay their own way -- food, transportation to shooting location, costuming and etc. and help in procuring contractual locations. I pick up the full cost of making the trailers from script to screen.

No nudity, but all must sign release contract and be over the age of 18 (or parent must sign release).

Working titles of the scripts written by Don L. Patterson:

Death Walks Behind You


Green Apocalypse

Hands of the Devil

Killer Joe

Killing Witches

Kingdom Of The Clowns

Machine That Cried

Night of Sanctuary

Spiders and Snakes

The Devil's Reservation

The Sound of Nightmares

The Touch


Review our Contact Page on this site and send your head shot and information to:

Haunted Movie, P.O. Box 139, Blacklick, Ohio 43004-0139

See what we do. Purchase a copy of haunt at our site

Photographic stills & video clips from the Trailers will be made available during post.

The goal for the DVD-R compilation of trailers is October, 2008

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