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So you have a large stock pile of original music and no where to put it? It seems every band and musician out there has music and the competition is tight. Don't let frustration drive you somewhere you don't want to be. Like One St. Stephen. Ouch!

Gain exposure by getting your original music heard and seen! You'll love creating music videos for the Internet, DVD and/or where ever you want to put them (view several on this web site that we made -- and throughout the Internet). Be creative - DIY (do it yourself) and find a whole new expanded audience. Or send us a brief outline/ synopsis, letting us know what you're looking for (also send your copyrighted music on CD). We'll quote you a fair price if we can help you.

We are always looking for original music scores for film soundtracks (read Actors page -- you retain the rights - we contract for use). There are no guarantees to anything in life, but the more that your sound is out there, the better chance you have of getting heard! We also recommend such web sites as While you are there, check out One St. Stephen.
Please Note: Notice to Distributers, Resellers and Music Consumers! Radioactive Records company in the UK were found guilty in the High Court of violating the copyrights owned by the Jimi Hendrix estate, they have cut prices and begun dumping CDs. Most of the Radioactive reissues of rare US artists are unauthorized bootlegs and not legal to sell anywhere in the world. One St. Stephen along with other American bands like Primevil, Growing Concern, Magi, George Brigman, Faine Jade, Trees, Michael Greisman (the Deep), Peter Grudzien, Zerfass, Snakegrinder, Tom Lucas, Bobb Trimble, Golgotha, Crash Coffin and others were illegally bootlegged by Radioactive Records in England. Releases are still readily floating around and being hawked by resellers. I have not been paid one cent for the Radioactive "reissues" of my work so I have decided to reissue the One St. Stephen CD for $5.00 less then they are selling the illegal copies for. Don't get ripped off.

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