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haunt is a movie about a film maker making a movie and the movie he is making. An original jigsaw puzzle best devoured in one sitting. The pace is very quick - you will miss a lot if you miss seconds. haunt is a thinking movie - we did not dumb down the story for children. It is the kind of movie that can be watched over and over. Below are three short clips from the film. See more on the home page.

The haunt storyline - 1990's Scream Queen, Lucy Fear (Rebecca Pascal) is about to open the doors of her newest haunted house, a million dollar electronic horror extravaganza inside a remote building. The building is said to be haunted.

Fear hires a commercial videographer, John Stone (Don Patterson) to conceal 20 cameras throughout the "haunt" to tape her opening premiere. haunt movie clip #1

"The building was built in 1875 to house poor people dying of tuberculosis. One night in the Autumn of 1895 all those patients, doctors and nurses disappeared never to be seen again. In 1930 the building was used by gangsters for bootlegging and prostitution. One night they all vanished. In the 1950's a religious cult moved in to the building with rumors of rape, murder, human sacrifice and cannibalism. They all disappeared... This is Janet Hienz (Noelle Foor) reporting from Lucy Fear's opening night at the House of the Unliving Dread." View haunt movie clip #2

Arriving later, after midnight. Tim (Tim Addie) "Kind of creepy, all those cars in the parking lot and the building is empty? " Marcus (Michael Brown) "Hey, check out that skeleton."

Over 4,500 people entered for the opening of Lucy Fear's newest haunted house. They never left. On the videographer's tapes -- the recipe for a unique and everlasting Hell on Earth. View haunt movie clip #3

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