Below is our post office box - which we use for all of our correspondence. We understand the situation where some might feel the need to contact us quickly. Unfortunately, we are out making movies (currently filming Spiders and Snakes a contemporary political-horror-thriller). While we check our Post Office Box at least twice a month, it is difficult on our schedules to personally contact every person who wants to reach us. Patience please. We know it can be frustrating. We hit that situation all the time with others as well. We are accessible, just keep in mind that we are very busy.

    Do not send us any scripts, screenplays or proposed projects and ideas. We will not read unsolicited items. Such will be sent back to sender at your expense or placed in the trash. No exceptions.

    Music video proposals - brief, clear and concise (The band/musician(s) will be responsible for and must have all Music, Cast and Location releases). Include photographs of location(s) and personnel (casting) to be used within the video, and any time constraints if applicable.

  • Original music on CD for possible film use must be copyrighted and all information pertinent must be included. Owner of copyright and performing musicians must sign a contract that specifies responsibilities of all parties involved in advance to any use in future productions.

  • Actor's head/body shots. We are always looking for new male and female (of all ages over 18 years of age) cast members to fit specific roles. We do not do pornography - we make low or no budget movies. All who participate within our projects must be at least 18 years of age and are responsible for specifics within the demands of casting and on-location shooting. All must sign a contract that specifies responsibilities of all parties involved in advance to any production.

  • Location (photographs made by owner with all location rights). We try to save as much money as possible by shooting on available locations (sets). We are always looking for those extremely unique, visual locations to work in (not looking for apartments or personal homes). Safety, quiet of the location, availability of electric and large size with which we can work in are several benefits. We tend to write-in the location rather then build expensive sets for script (we are low to no budget film makers). We are always looking for visual stunning locations (examples: old factories; old large buildings; remote cabin(s) and privately owned woods with stunning views. Owner must sign a contract that specifies responsibilities of all parties involved in advance to any use in the production.

The above will be accepted for consideration -- if each item is clearly identified. Make sure that you have an E-mail address included on every item sent. We are unable to return anything sent to us so do not send anything that you would want returned.

View a copy of haunt available at for a clear example of how we work. Visit our New Projects page for the music, casting and locations we are currently searching for.

Please be aware we are not anti-Union or anti-Guild, but by being independent and extremely low to no budget, we cannot and will not work with members of any Union, Guild or other such trade organizations.

Haunted Movie, P. O. Box 139, Blacklick, OH 43004-0139

We believe in the networking of artists.
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