Haunted Movie Actors

Actors act as often as possible. Film-makers make movies whenever they can.

We make low to no budget original films, giving as many want-to-be actors an opportunity to be in front of a camera as possible. It takes commitment from both the actor and the film-maker to complete a production. See what we do - we have that commitment.

As independent film-makers, we're involved in every aspect of telling and creating the story from conception and screenplay to the final authoring on DVD. We have invested a lot of time and talent, as well as cameras, lighting, audio and editing equipment. Please keep in mind, that we are neither rich or famous, just film makers who have a lot of fun being original and creative. We work with little to no budget. The only investment for new projects come from the films we make and market through simple direct sales like www.filmbaby.com and this web site.

View to see what we do. Actors read on then visit our New Projects Page.

We are always looking for new Actors, Locations and those willing to invest time or money into present or future projects. We are not anti-Union or anti-Guild, but by being independent and extremely low to no budget, we cannot and will not work with members of any Union, Guild or other such trade organizations.

We strongly believe in the sharing of all profits made from the individual films if and when such films are purchased for acquisition and distribution within a set time period upon final completion. We contract that Main Cast should share 30% from such profit, divided and based upon the period of time that each cast member appears in the final edited version of the film as it is purchased for acquisition and distribution. Musicians, in exchange for original music used in the soundtrack, share 5% (as based upon the Main Cast example given above), Locations share 5%, Crew 20%. This leaves 40% for our creative endeavors of Script writing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing and Producing. The above does not apply to any money made from the sale of DVD's, festivals, competitions, contests or any other sources.

The final edited version of the film will be as the Producer deems it and the Producer has complete final authority over all aspects of the production. All Cast Members, Locations, Musicians and Crew Members are required to sign contracts. All participants must be over the age of 18 years of age.

We believe in the power of networking artists.
To purchase a copy of haunt at our www.filmbaby.com site